Rocks and Clouds

Selection of photos taken in a misty morning near Peninha, in Sintra Mountain, Portugal.

Bread sharing

This weekend I have photographed a bread making workshop! 

It happened in EcoAldeia, a non profit organization formed by a group of people united with the aim of building and living a non-formal education center for sustainability. All of it linked to traditional and manual crafts.

With all ages present, kind hosting and a dedicated tutor, a great insight into wood oven bread making and which healthy organic ingredients to use was given. A tour around the farm introduced everyone to the diferent sustainable projects that EcoAldeia is up to. At the end, a meal with wine, cheese and dips was prepared to taste the freshly baked bread made by everyone, with blood,  sweet and tears!

I recommend everyone to take a look at the dozens of workshops these good people can provide, if you are interested in the subjects but ultimately, if you are interested in a healthy, sustainable and eco friendly way of living!